The perfect Japanese Choco Bar”Black Thunder” |MUST BUY

I have spent for 27 years in Japan. I can strongly say the Japanese snacks are the best in the world.

I want to share the best Japanese chocolate bar. 

It’s a ” Black Thunder”.


Black Thunder

Black Thunder is Japanese popular snack. Even though people who don’t eat chocolate so much, sometimes feel like eating it.

One of the reasons why “Black Thunder” is popular is its price.

Surprisingly reasonable.

Just 30JPY


Even small children can buy it.


And another reason is the taste.



It looks small, but it is the just right.


It is between KitKat and Oreo.


Cocoa cookies and plain cookie are coated by chocolate.

I have never seen people who don’t like it.


You can’t stop eating if you get to it.











The best way to eat

The best way to eat Black Thunder is to cool in the refregerater.

I tried many ways to eat.

The cook Black Thunder is the best.


It has crunchy texture.


I prefer the frozen Black Thunder as well..





The place you can get

You can get at the convenience store, grocery store,

If you definitely  want to get it, I recommend to use online shopping such as Amazon.



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