The BEST Japanese facial care thing is Panasonic Steamer nano care|for pore, dry skin


I’ve been a big fan of Panasonic steamer nano care this 2 years. I wish I hag got this earlier…!

This steamer changes our rooms into the beauty salon soon.

I’m sure that you are going to be addicted to!

Let me share the information regarding the Panasonic Steamer!

I have used this type of steamer for 2 years since I noticed my smile lines..

Panasonic steamer nano care EH-SA98 (the production of this is over now)

You can choose one from the 5 courses such as care of sebum, smooth skin like that.

Effect of Panasonic Steamer nano care

  • Soft and smooth skin
  • Clear skin
  • Makeup stays on well whole day
  • Get the swelling of face away
  • Refresh tired eyes


I can’t escape from this special steamer anymore.

Once again I have used it everyday before removing my makeup and after taking a bath. When it will be broken, I’m sure I’ll get the new one soon.


My favorite way to use

Before removing makeup, I use the cleansing course which lasts to just for 3 minutes, comes the dirt out from pore. And lead to completely clean skin!

For the first time I used it, I was surprised at the refreshens of eyes. By getting the warm and cool steam on, the circulation of blood become better. I think that is why I can get this kind of effect.

You will sleep well if you use it before going to bed!


There are 3 types of steamer. Let me compere by below chart.

However it is extremely expensive, I recommend Panasonic steamer nano care EH-SA9A which has a function of warm and cool steam.

It deserves to the expensive price certainly. It lead skin to become smooth and moisture.

Although the official advise to use purified water, I put in tap water…. In case that purified water is used, it can last long time.

Latest model

As of Dec 2019, they are the latest model.

Steamer Nano care EH-SA9A Warm and cool steam

Panasonic official website

Steamer Nano care EH-SA3A compact type

Panasonic official website