The BEST Japanese hair removal salon|Musee・Japan

If you are looking for hair removal salon in Japan, I surely recommend Musse Platinum. I have also got hair removal of bikini line and armpit.

What is Musee?

Musee Platinum is leading company of hair removal in Japan that has 200 locations. They don’t have the regulation that we have to go the same salon where we contracted. Therefore even if we move to another location, we can go to the nearest salon. It is quite easy to continue.

They have plenty course that other salon do not have. For example, if we take ” day plan”, it’s going to be cheaper. They have various good cost performance course.


They offer the limited-time promotion occasionally. Until 31st January,2020, they offer 100 JPY course of Bikini Line and armpit. Furthermore you can go till we are satisfied. It means that we can go as many as we want.


I went to the store in Osaka, it was quite clean and staff were really courteous. For me it was first time to go this kind of salon, I felt nervous a little. But did not need to such worry. The staff were quite gentle.


First of all, we need to make a reservation for free counseling by phone out website. In my case, I don’t like to speak over phone, I chose website.

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In the website, you can make a reservation by pushing the circled button.

By official website, you choose the preferred location and date and time.

On the day of counseling, the staff took care of me by person to person in private room.

The staff explained the way to remove hair and asked the spot that I bothered.She listened to me well and advised the best hair removal course.

After decided the course, pay by cash or credit card. If you do not want to remove, you can deny of course.


110 JPY (100 JPY+tax )

I chose the promotion course, therefore paid 110 JPY truly by cash.


If you are looking for the hair removal salon in Japan, I recommend the Musee Platinum because of its convenience and reasonable price.

Until 31st January 2020, they are on promotion of 100 JPY course, if you wonder whether to go to the hair removal, it is good opportunity to try once!

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