Osaka gokoku-shrine|Osaka, Japan

The local who live in Osaka, which means me choose the place that I would recommend people to visit.

Osaka Gokoku-shrine

It is pretty close to Suminoe-Kouen station. It takes just 5 minutes from the station. I went on weekdays and there is no one other than me.


What is enshrined?

The people who was martyrs such as war deaths is enshrined here. Not only the war death but also the police, self-defense forces, firefighters who died while working is also enshrined.

Biggest tori-i gate in Osaka

It has the big tori-i gate which is greatly sacred presence. It is the biggest tori-i gate in Osaka which has approximately 10 meters high!


You can see the a lot of cenotaphs here.

Solemn atmosphere

It is placed in residential area and near the station, however, I can not notice any noise once I entered the shrine. I’m not sure that is because it is surrounded by trees. I felt the solemnity around there.

The grounds are kept clean.


It is suitable for taking a walk. There is little sightseeing spots around there, so if you have spare time, I recommend to visit here.

Opening and closing time of shrine office

Opening time


Closing time