You should visit Aeon, sakaiteppocho /Suminoe, Osaka-city|Japanese souvenir

You should visit Aeon, sakaiteppocho /Suminoe, Osaka-city|Japanese souvenir


If you live in Suminoe, Osaka-city, I recommend to visit Aeon sakaiteppocho. It is best place to buy your souvenir and food products!!


What is Aeon?


This is super big shopping mall.

You can find your kitchen appliances, bedding, also daily necessities, foods as well.

The reason why I recommend Aeon is the reasonable price!

Aeon group has the own private brand called “TOP VALU”. They have the products not only food products but also daily necessities.

Here I would like to recommend you to purchase food products.

For me, I prefer to save money for food cost. I have the idea that less food costs, more leisure costs.

Of course, the quality is important not only the costs!

Can buy cheap souvenir

Anyway, Aeon brans “TOPVALU” is cheap and good quality.

And it is best place to buy your souvenir for you or your friends.

You can find the Japanese style confectionery.

Sweet potatoes fries.

This is my favorite. It has the original sweetness of sweet potatoes.

This is the variety pack of Japanese confectionery.

It is the good for your friends to pass.

Potate chips-honey batter flavor

I think that the people who made this product is a genius. I can’t help buying this when I find.

Tuesday is best to visit!

If you would like to buy daily food items, I strongly recommend to visit on Tuesday.

On every Tuesday, they have the sale of food items. And the items on sale will change on every week.

I visited today on Tuesday, the many sorts of vegetables are on sales.

Especially, onion, carrot and potato are cheap.

Look at this. A lot of people flock to the vegetables area.

I usually go to grocery store “Gyoumu supermarket” which is know for its extraordinary reasonable price.

Regarding vegetable and other items such as eggs, even compared to Gyoumu supermarket, Aoen is cheaper on Tuesday.