Catter need to visit! Sumiyoshi park/Osaka, Japan

Cattet need to visit Sumiyoshi park

Sumiyoshi Park

Sumiyoshi park is near the Sumiyoshi-taisha station. It is placed next to the Sumiyoshi Taisha.

Here is the best place to walk around. Even though it is near the station, it is quiet and has beautiful nature.

I went on weekday, I saw people was walking around, sitting on the grass, also sleeping on the bench.

Best place to pat pretty cats.

As I was walking, I found two cats. It was warm day, so they looked sleepy.

Don’t you think they are too cute?

Other than these pretty two cats, I met one more cat, she was so friendly, snuggling close to me. Sorry for not taking the pictures, I can’t help petting her…

Barbecue space

One more good news for the residents of Osaka, it is grad that Sumiyoshi park is allowed to barbecue for free!!

I also have done barbecue a few times, it is quite comfortable.

Barbecue space

In some places, we need to pay for the space for the barbecue. So I ‘m so thankful when I found here.

Before you start it, you need to apply for at the park office for the sake of safety.

After get off the Sumiyoshi-taisha station, you can find the office soon. And ask the person in charge.

Park office

They have the space for barbecue. We need to be here. It is spacious so I didn’t care the people who were around.

And there is no garbage dump, so we need to take it back.

I’m sure you can have a great barbecue day keeping the rule.