Kohama Shopping street|Osaka, Japan

I’ve been to Kohama shopping street which is near the Sumiyoshi-taisha station.I saw the greengrocer, meat market. I went there on the way of jogging, therefore, I didn’t take my wallet. I’m sure I will go there again.

Let’ take a look at the details!

where it is placed?

It is near the Nankai-Line, Sumiyoshi-taisha station.

The atmosphere

Here is the entrance. It looks like traditional Japanese shopping street. I love this atmosphere.

There is a restaurant, but because of weekdays, they weren’t open.


I glanced at them, and pumpkin was cheaper than the grocery store that I usually go. I can find the 2 or 3 greengrocers.

Tofu shop

It was first to see the tofu specialty shop.

Korean food shop

They sell Korean food quite a lot such as kimchi, kimpa.

Flower shop

I found 2 flower shops

The Japanese beef specialty market

The Japanese confectionery shop.

The sweet rice dumpling looked so awesome.