Japanese select the nice shopping mall to find Japanese food souvenir

As a tourists, going to the local shopping mall must be one of the fun things to do.

I share you the nice place to find your souvenir at the reasonable price from the many of things. I’m sure that you will get fun memory.

The place I recommend


It is major shopping mall for Japanese since they have every kind of things from food to electric appliances.

Japanese also get the souvenir here for relatives or friends.

Here are the space for food souvenirs.

Though went to the AEON in Osaka, I can find the souvenir from Kyoto, Kobe, and also Japanese famous brand such as Mary.

Osaka food souvenirs

It is the white chocolate with crisps. Its shape imitates the Tsutenkaku Tower.

  • Name: Tsutenkaku Tower crispy chocolate
  • Brand: Morozoff
  • Price: 1,000 JPY+tax

It is also chocolate snacks. Milk crispy chocolate contains almonds, white crispy chocolate does raisins.

  • Name: Osaka Chiyoko
  • Brand: Daikoku
  • Price: 1,000 JPY (30pieces) +tax

Snacks on right side. (Snack on left side is out of stock at this time.)

  • Name: Maruku caramelized (Maruku stands for “sphere”.)
  • Brand: Daikoku
  • Price: 1,000 JPY

It is a traditional confectionery called “Dorayaki”. Fluffy pancake including red bean paste inside.

  • Name: Goshoku Dorayaki・Ooguri Dorayaki
  • Brand: Akanemaru
  • Price: 790 JPY +tax

Several flavor of rice cracker, vanilla, cocoa, green tea.

  • Name: Kinu Kazuki
  • Brand: Kinugasa
  • Price: 1,500 JPY

Assorted sweet bean jelly.

  • Name: Cha no Tomo
  • Brand: Kinugasa
  • Price: 1,800 JPY +tax

Assorted rice cracker

  • Name: Kanoka
  • Brand: Toyosu
  • Price: 2,000 JPY
The very Osaka food souvenir

Kyoto food souvenir

On left side

  • Name: Tsujiri Kyo-cha rusk
  • Brand: Tsujiri
  • Price: 540 JPY+tax
  • Amount: 5

On right side

  • Name: Tsujiri Kyo-langue
  • Brand: Tsujiri
  • Price: 1,300 JPY
  • Amount: 10

Kobe food souvenir