【Osaka】Melon Bread Specialty shop that Japanese recommend!【Melon Pan】

Melon Pan a.k.a. Melon bread is absolutely one of the splendid Japanese treats. It has biscuit layer on the top and looks like a Melon. That is why it is named Melon Pan. Japanese also love Melon Pan, and there are melon bread specialty shop in Osaka.


Address:4-13-4, Mandai, Sumiyoshi-Ku, Osaka-city, Osaka [Google Map]

The store is quite small so you need to pay attention not to miss. The grocery store “LIFE” next to could be landmark. For your information, they do not have the parking lot.


They have plenty kinds of Melon Pan. Other than menu on this menu, they have tea flavor Melon Pan.


Crown Melon Pan 230 JPY

Plain Melon Pan 190 JPY

Other than above menu 210 JPY

Payment method

Cash only

Credit card can not be used.


I’ve got 4 kinds of Melon Pan, so let me share their taste by ranking style.


Choco Choco Melon Pan

Although it was delicious, It was the taste exactly that I thought. If I pay 210 JPY for this Melon Pan, I am sure that I will buy it at the convenience store. I was expecting the rich chocolate taste and flavor by its name ” Choco Choco”, it didn’t have such kind of taste. I was disappointed a little.


Green tea Melon Pan

Compared to Chocolate Choco Melon Pan, it has crispy texture of cookie layer on the top. It was splendid. It has the flavor of Green tea. If you love green tea, you will be addicted for sure.


Tea Melon Pan

This was amazing. It goes well with milk tea. It smells very good. I have never eaten this delicious Melon Pan.


Crown Melon Pan

Even considering the highest price, it deserves to try. This is hands down the best Melon Pan. The cream of inside was kind of custard cream flavored Melon. It was splendid. Although it was sweet, not too sweet. The bread tastes good too.

The recommended way to eat

Note that the way to eat written was put with Melon Pan.

①Put it in the toaster for 1 minutes and 20 seconds.