Must-Try Japanese Hardest cookie|Kitakyushu

It’s exciting and enjoyable to find some unique food souvenir. In Kitakyushu which is northern part of Kyushu, there is interesting sweets souvenir.

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Katapan stands for “hard bread”. They said it “bread” , but it is actually cookie. It was born to supply calorie for those who worked at the steel plant once.

Although I’m absolutely suspicious if it needs to be hard, it surely has plenty of more nutrition than bread and convenience to eat in short time.



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¥920 (2023/05/29 12:43:26時点 Amazon調べ-詳細)

HARDEST Cookie ever

I’ve bought two flavor, plain and malt.

It is recommend for young children to develop their jaw. I wonder if their tooth will be broken first before their jaw will be strong.

And it is written that people who have weak tooths MUST NOT eat Katapan. That makes me horrible a little.

Let me check before saying some worries!

Some of them are already split in two as the package said. It looks the normal cookies. However have that normal cookie, it is like pumice stone.

Let me try.

Can’t bite by my front tooth….Maybe if I bite by front tooth, they will be split. Need to bite by back teeth.

Finally can bite but the sounds is.. oh my..

The sound like breaking the teeth. I even do not know whether the cookie was split or my teeth were.

Astonishingly it is hard, I promise.

The taste of it is quite natural cookie and it has the sweetness of condensed milk.

I also tried malt flavor. It is bitter than plain one. But it does not have a big difference between plain. Personally I prefer plain.

If you are interested in it, just try whether your teeth will win or Katapan will.