The BEST Kyoto Souvenir you must check

When you hear the word “Kyoto”, you will come up with Green tea, Yatsuhashi, something like that. Other than these very famous souvenirs, For me as a Japanese, I strongly recommend ” Ajarimochi” more than buying Matcha KitKats. It is highly rated even among Japanese.

Let’s take a look at the details.

What is ” Ajarimochi”?

Mangetsu is the Japanese confectionery store that has long history. It has last since 1856. Ajari stands for the name of people who is monk. While Ajari was on the training in severe environment, they were eating Ajarimochi.

They stick to the ingredients

It is the policy that one confectionery includes just one kind of red beans. Usually some kinds of red beans are mixed for large-scale manufacture. And they do not use any unnecessary ingredients. Just sugar, red beans, rice cake flour, egg, starch, trehalose.

How is it like?

It looks like small dorayaki, it is completely different in the outer layer parts. When I have it, I tell that it is astonishingly moisture, soft, chewy.

For the outer layer, rice cake flour and eggs are used. That is why it has this wonderful texture. Especially the edge parts are the best to enjoy this chewy mouthfeel. Inside of Ajarimochi, it has quite plenty of red beans it is the famous brand ” Tanba Dainagon”. It is not too sweat, has rich and creamy that matches the outer well.

The 3 Best way to eat

1)As it is

Yes, of course, it is perfect without doing additional things.

2)Microwave for 20-30 seconds

Personally, I love warm Ajarimochi. It is more chewy texture such as fresh-made.


Dip Ajarimochi into the batter, and fry it. The surface layer has crunchy and inside has soft and flaky texture.


119 JPY (tax included)

The expiration day

5 days from manufacture day

Location that you can get

Official website (Japanese only) shows the place that you can get Ajarimochi.

I recommend to get earlier in the day.

Ajarimochi is getting popular among Japanese by its reasonable high quality sweets, even Japanese go to buy Ajarimochi. Therefore, sometimes it is sold out.