MUST BUY Japanese cheap snacks|Caplico no atama

I want to share Japanese snacks that Japanese often eat not standard souvenir such as ” Tokyo Banana”, “Kit Kat”.

In the grocery store, you can find the cheap snacks I strongly recommend to visit there.

I’m sure you can get the perfect souvenir.



Caplica no Atama

Caplica is the name of Japanese snack. It is shaped as ice cream cone. There are chocolate and strawberry flavor chocolate on the top of cone.

Now, Glico (it is the manufacturer) offer new one  just part of chocolate.

Atama stands for head in Japanese.

Literally, they offer just head part of Caplico.



They are so cute.


Chocolate and strawberry flavored chocolate are the perfect.The milk chocolate part is very smooth.

The balance of chocolate and strawberry couldn’t be better.

Put it in the mouth, it melts little by little.


Once you eat it, it is not easy to eat them all.











The place you can get

You can find them at the major grocery store in Japan, for me, I got in the grocery store “LIFE “.

If you want to get them surely, I recommend to use online shopping.