MUST BUY Japanese snack”Lumonde”|souvenir

You must be addicted once you eat Japanese snack “Lumonde”.

Even Japanese often can’t stop eating them. Such a reasonable snack has wonderful taste.


Lumonde is very traditional snack. Even people who is in losing weight can’t stop eating. 

The very ADDICTING snack.

It is a crepe biscuits coated with cocoa creme chocolate.


We are addicted with its taste and texture.It has puff and soft texture.

It is light to stomach. Even if I eat all of them, I do not have upset stomach.


They are wrapped individually so can stay fresh, and it is easy to put in the bag.



It is coated with cocoa creme chocolate, smells perfect.



It has many layer of thin and crispy crepes.

It is not easy to eat without messing but the taste deserve to eat it.

I recommend not to make half of it by hand. I promise it will mess up around you.








37kcal per piece



The place you can get

The major  grocery store deals “Lumonde”. In the convenience store, I do not find so much.

I recommend you to get at the grocery store or online shopping.