Japanese snack to bring back from Japan|Lubera, BOURBON

I, as Japanese select the Japanese snack that you need to bring back home from Japan.

Expensive snack is of course nice, but even it is affordable, Japanese snack is perfect.

I want to share the very affordable, taste perfect snack.


It is the same company of Lumande. It is  BOURBON.

MUST BUY Japanese snack”Lumonde”|souvenir


Lubera is also one of the popular snack in Japan because of its taste and low price.


Almost all of grocery store have this product.


In 1 pack, there are 4 bag (2pieces).

I’m sure that you feel like eating more than 1 pack.



Very sophisticated cookie.

It looks like luxury souvenir of department but you can get at the very affordable price.

Can you believe it?




Once you open it, you can feel buttery flavor.

Its smell whets my appetite.


It is more crispy than any words can say. Very light cookie.

I’m sure that you can not stop eating it.


All of snacks of “BOURBON”  never be disappointed.

If you wonder what snack you buy, get the BOURBON snack.






100 JPY(= 1USD)


The place you can get

You can get the Japanese major grocery store.

If you want to get surely, I recommend  to use online shopping.