MUST BUY Japanese snack” Ramune Soda Candy”|cheap

Here, the cute bottle is filled with small soda candy just size as pearl.This Japanese snack has long seller and recently has been popular again.

It was popular among children, but recently it is getting popular among the adult.


I want to share the reason why it is popular.


Morinaga Ramune soda candy

Morinaga is one of the most major confectionery company.

They manufacture Ramune soda candy, Japanese call it “Ramune”.It is very familiar with Japanese because we eat it from very young age.

One of the reasons why it is popular is the low price.Just 70JPY, so even small children can get it.



This plastic bottle is filled with small candy.


A few seconds  you put it in your mouth, it dissolves. And feel very pleasant   .Not so sweet, kind of sprite taste.



When you want to concentrate on something

The reason why it is getting popular among the adult is its ingredient “glucose”.

When you want to concentrate on something, glucose helps.


So when you are exhausted, it will be better after you eat Ramune. Especially it has been sold by business person .






The place you can get

I can find at the convenience store, major grocery store in Japan.

If you want to get it surely, recommend to use online shopping.