【MUST TRY】Japanese old coin cookies【Less than $1】|souvenir

This is not just cookies. It is the very Japanese old coin shaped cookies!This could be best souvenir than anything.


Just perfect!


Ace coin

Its name is ” Ace Coin” made by Nissin Sisco. Ace coin has very long history since 1955 and it is the oldest snack that Nissin Sisco has made.

It is long seller item and even now popular from young people to old.


The reasons why it has been very popular for a long time are taste, low price, fun.




78JPY (=less than $1)

Compared to the cookies snack, it is extremely cheap.



It is milky taste cookies and not too sweet.Not so heavy so can eat one after another.Very simple cookies but can’t stop eating.

I prefer eating it with cold milk. It is the perfect combination.



How many kind did I get?

There are 20 kinds of coin in the bag.This time I counted how many coins I got.




I’ve got 19 of 20. Almost all of coin.

While I was counting, I felt very excited and wanted to get all of coin.




flour, sugar, batter, condensed milk, salt, baking powder, flavor, emulsifier



The place you can get

It is sold mainly in Kansai area (Osaka, Kyoto).

So when you are in Osaka,Kyoto, you can find at the grocery store, drug stores.

I don’t see it at the convenience store, so I recommend to go to the grocery store or drug store.