Best Seller Japanese chocolate snack”KOALA’S MARCH’|cheap・snack

One of the Best Seller snack in Japan is surely ‘KOARA’S MARCH’. I’m sure EVERY Japanese know it and have eaten. I can find it at any grocery store and convenience store.

Reasons why it is so poplar are its taste and reasonable price.

I strongly recommend you to eat it when you come to Japan.


Let me explain the details on KOALA’S MARCH’.


Lotte is one of the biggest maker of Japanese snack.They produce KOALA’S MARCH.

It has not only chocolate taste but also strawberry, cheese cake, pudding in a limited time.From small children to older, it is popular for a long time.



Depend on stores, it is sold around ¥100.

I’ve got at ¥69 at the SUNDY( it is an extremely cheap grocery store in Osaka.)



How they taste?

In a box, there is a package.


In a bag, a lot of Koalas come out!



Outside of Koala is unsweetened cookies. It similar to cracker but heavier than cracker. Inside there is chocolate.This is so delicious! I felt it is not just the chocolate, it’s kind of chocolate cream. Very mild and goes well with unsweetened cookies.

Perfect combination.



How many prints do they have?

There are 365 kinds of prints. In prints, there might be extremely rare print, you must have fun with finding your favorite prints!


The place you can find

At the almost all of grocery stores and convenience stores in Japan.

Also you can get it by online shopping.

If you want to get surely, I recommend you to get by online shopping.



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