Japanese Long Seller Snack”WHITE ROLLITA”|cheap・souvenir・Japan

Japanese confectionery brand “BOURBON” makes the Long Seller snack, it is the “WHITE ROLLITA”.

It has a long history since 1965. And even now it is popular among from young to old.

Regarding WHITE ROLLITA, I don’t know why but every parents house always have it and recommend children to eat.


This is VERY simple cookies but addicting.

Let me share its taste, price, the place that you can find.



I swear that EVERY Japanese people know this fantastic snack, it is a cookies coated with super milky white chocolate.

It is wrapped like a candy.

Its cookies are very light and crunchy and white chocolate is not so sweet. If you like white chocolate, it must be your favorite one.




It looks expensive snack but we can get it at just ¥100(=1 dollar).

White chocolate of outside is very milky and inside is crunchy cookies. This is the best combination.

The cookies are very delicious. If you put it in your mouth, it makes the sound because of its crisp.

It is addicting.





I’ve got it at ¥69 at the Sandy( it is grocery store in Osaka).



The place you can find

You can find it the grocery store. These days, convenience stores don’t alway have it.