【KitKat】Sakura Japanese Sake flavor|MUST BUY・souvenir・snack・calorie

Have you ever tried KitKat before?

KitKat is most famous Japanese souvenir snack.And they have a lot of limited flavor.Now they offer Sakura Japanese sake flavor.


I do not drink alcohol so much but I tried it.

Let me share the taste, calorie, alcohol content.


Sakura Japanese Sake flavor

Wafers with savory flavor and put the cream of Sakura leaf.And coated with chocolate including Sakura Japanese sake.



The taste

In April, many brand offer Sakura flavor snack, and some of them are not good, I guess Sakura is difficult to combine with snack.

The package is very sophisticated, black background and picture of sake.

Very simple but I can not help getting.



It is pink chocolate and has some smell of alcohol and Sakura when I open it.

This Sakura Japanese sake flavored KitKat is fantastically delicious.Those who do not drink alcohol can eat it easily.

I do not drink but it is very delicious. I can feel alcohol just a little.


It is very refreshing taste.



 63 calorie



Alcohol content