KitKat Limited edition”SALT LYCHEE|Japanese snack

In 2020, this summer, KitKat offer us the new flavor which is limited edition.We can get it only in summer.

It is “SALT LYCHEE” flavor.

Let me share the details of its taste, price, calorie.



The package is based on pink and feel refreshing by its picture.

It’s cute and summery.


 As of Japanese snack, I haven’t seen the great one of Lychee flavor, I was worried a little if it was not tasty.



f Lychee flavored white chocolate and crispy wafers used powder of lychee and salt.




Once I open it, smells the lychee flavor, sounds delicious.

It looks totally white chocolate KitKat.


The taste of lychee is stronger and felt salt a little.

It’s so good.


Lychee goes well with white chocolate.

If I find this flavor at the grocery store, I will  definitely get again.








63 calorie