【Review】KitKat Sakura and Roasted Soy Beans

I got KitKat Sakura and Roasted soy Beans taste which is limited edition in spring.

The package is gorgeous and cute. It made me want to buy it.

Let me share the information about “KitKat Sakura and Roasted soy Beans” such as taste, calorie, review.


KitKat Sakura and Roasted Soy Beans

This is sold only in spring. However I found it in August in Don Quijote which is the biggest discount store in Japan. Probably, it has been unsold and even in summer, they keep selling it at the very reasonable price.


Officially it is priced at 250JPY(= approximately 2dollars),however it is sold at 150 JPY(= 1dollar) at theDon Quijote.


Regarding the taste, it is based on the roasted soy beans and has a little Sakura flavor.




63 calorie per piece.




Cutest and gorges pacage.



Once I open it, I felt the soy beans flavor.

The taste is very mild and not too sweet. I can not find the sakura flavor at all.

Even less Sakura flavor, KitKat is perfect. Chocolate goes well with roasted soy beans flavor.

Wafers is very crispy.




If you expect the Sakura flavor, you might be disappointed. As chocolate of roasted soy beans,  it is very tasty. It deserves to buy again.