Japanese select the BEST Japanese energy drink|price, effect, ingredient

Have you ever tried Japanese energy drink before?

I’ve lived in Japan for 26 years in Japan, the true Japanese share the Japanese energy drink that I drink it at the important moment.


The name is KYO KYO DAHA . There is another product ” MIN MIN DAHA”. It stands for overcome drowsiness. KYO KYO DAHA is more stronger than MIN MIN DAHA. It contains more caffeine and arginine which is useful for getting nutrition and revitalization.


TOKIWA Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.


265 JPY +tax


I usually drink it when I take the long distance driving. 5-10 minutes after I drink it, it get rid of the drowsiness, and clear my head. For me, the effect lasts for 5-8 hours. The people who drink caffein often likely to make the effect shorter. And also it may be changed depending on the condition.


The flavor and taste is strong coffee and some sweetness. Although I don’t usually drink coffee because I dislike its bitterness, I can drink it. For those who drink coffee might feel it is sweet.

Main ingredients

  • Caffein 150mg (equal to 2.5 cups of coffee)
  • Arginine 500mg
  • Mixed herb(such as cinnamon, fennel, ginger, clove)
  • Extract of ginseng 

Where can we get?

I got it at the discount store “Don Quijote”

Other than Don Quijote,

  • Drug store
  • Convenience store
  • Grocery store sometimes

Why do I select?

It has immediate efectivity and easy to drink. And also I don’t get any side effects.

I don’t usually drink this kind of products, therefore I want to drink not to have an effect for the health. Other than KYO KYO DAHA, I have drunk MIN MIN DAHA (which is same brand), and it also doesn’t have any effects on my body.

And also this product is quite famous among Japanese people by TV commercial. It is often said that preparatory student needs MIN MIN DAHA.