The BEST Japanese snack “Dorayaki” in Nagasaki【Japan】

Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan is famous for castella cake rooted from the its historical trade with Spain and Portugal. I especially recommend the Ijindo (well-established castella shop)’s castella cake.

Needless to say, their castlla cake is the most splendid.However I would like to share their proud Japanese sweets “Dorayaki” of Ijindo.

Nama-Dorayaki (Plain)

Dorayaki is traditional Japanese confectionery loved from young to old. Mainly it is made from two pancakes with red beans paste.

“Nama” stands for perishable. It is needed to be kept in the refrigerator or eaten as soon as possible.

Ijindo’s Dorayaki contains plenty of whipping cream and red beans. Although it looks too sweet, it doesn’t actually.

The pancake is the wonderful. It is moist and fluffy.

Nama- Dorayaki (Green tea)

Green tea is added to whipping cream and dough of pancakes. Personally, I prefer Green tea flavor because I can enjoy the 2 tastes of bitterness of Green tea, sweetness of whipping cream.


Approximately 150 JPY + TAX


1-155, Kuremo, Isahaya-city, Nagasaki, 854-0055  [GoogleMap]

There are 7 stores in Nagasaki. Check your nearest store at the below official website.

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